About Briana’s Kitchen

Briana’s Kitchen is my own personal food journal… that I would love for the rest of the world to read!

I grew up with a family that did (and still does) a lot of bonding over food; baking, cooking and feasting alike. We all loved food in all of its various forms, but it was clear from an early age that I was the one destined to battle a MAJOR sweet tooth for the rest of my life. Put a block of chocolate in front of me and I would eat the whole thing if no one was looking. Mum’s making brownies? don’t turn your back or you’ll likely find the raw batter miraculously disappear… I even ate fruit by the bucket-load! And still do, to be fair.

To this day, I still love all things sweet. However, as an obsessed 20-something home baker, my tastes are a little more refined. Put it this way: not all cakes are created equal, and ice cream in a plastic tub has got nothing on the home-grown variety! I am as obsessed with making things from scratch as I am with baking pretty cakes. My day-to-day diet is fairly healthy – I like to be able to see an ingredient in its raw form before adding it to any dish. But, well, there’s still a rather significant place in my heart for beautiful, carefully thought out and incredibly indulgent baked (or frozen/refrigerated) delights.

Briana’s Kitchen is where you will discover interesting, but not totally wacky creations. You will find ambitious recipes, as well as simple delights. It is a place you can come to for inspiration, and, I hope, a place that will encourage you to challenge yourself.

I have no training beyond the knowledge my mother and father bestowed on me, and every recipe on this blog is of my own (re)creation (let’s be honest, I got my ideas from somewhere and no recipe is wholly new, really). I absolutely love losing myself in the kitchen – my passion for food is the closest thing to a qualification I have.

Basically, what I am trying to say is: if I can make it, I bet you can too!

Happy baking… x