Tart, Clapham Common


This place only opened a few months ago and although I have been itching to try it out, well, time just gets away from you, right? I have also been abroad for two months, so there is that.

In any case, it turns out I have been seriously missing out! As have you if you have not yet paid a visit. To all you Clapham dwellers, get there now. For all those Londoners farther afield, make the trek. And if you are in another city, or another country(!) well, that’s a shame for you. You will have to add it to your list of things to do when you stop by London for a visit.

The brainchild of a chef and a marketer, Tart started as a market stall in Herne Hill with one goal in mind – to make “terribly tasty tarts”. Two years down the track and Tart is now set up in its own shop overlooking Clapham Common, dishing up a tempting brunch menu in addition to their tasty tarts and imaginative salads.



Baked onsite each day, it seems Tart has achieved just what it set out to do. The pastry is delicate, the custard silky smooth… There is perfection even in those basic components. But these basic components serve only to encase and bind the “complete dish”. Chorizo & Roast Pepper, Poached Pear & Parma Ham; each tart is packed full with fresh ingredients, providing a rather satisfying burst of flavours with every bite.

_MG_4334 _MG_4353

Terribly tasty tarts, there really is no other way to put it.

I might have mentioned before that I am a sweet stuff in the morning kinda gal, so I took my Chorizo & Red Pepper Tart to go and we tucked into Tart’s Granola from the brunch menu and a Bakewell Tart instead.

_MG_4325 _MG_4330


Let me just say; the granola is epic.

Put together like a work of art, it doesn’t just look like a picture of perfection. The granola is crisp and flavoursome without being too sweet. Sat on a bed of creamy greek yoghurt and surrounded by an impressive variety of fresh fruit, I was entirely satisfied. And I am not easy to please when it comes to granola.


I am no expert on bakewell tarts, I have never made one before and have only ever eaten one when it was placed in front of me, but I will give this one high marks nonetheless. A soft, rich crust, generous spread of jam (without being overpowering), and a sponge-like frangipane with a deliciously buttery crumb. Perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee… Which, incidentally, is a delicious roast from Volcano Coffee Works, a specialty roastery in Dulwich producing gourmet coffee blends.

A stand-out amongst Clapham’s ever growing collection of exciting independent cafés, Tart is well worth a visit.


25 The Pavement
Clapham Common

+44 (0)20 7627 2176


3 thoughts on “Tart, Clapham Common

  1. Popped in to Meet Adam & Jace ….The Tarts are pretty incredible, and very very tasty. I would recommend…looking forward to trying the other flavours. Kelly Clapham


    1. Thanks for sharing, Kelly! They really are incredibly tasty, aren’t they… Which did you try? I missed out on the Treacle Tart last time, it’s sitting at the top of my list to try next 🙂


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